New Club President Elected 2013-09-03 16:34:00

Following the passing of our late president Joe Walsh early this year, last Monday night the club met to appoint a new member as our Club President.

The club was delighted to announce that John Looney had decided to accept the nomination. Johnny is stepped in Clyda history and is one of the

Legends of our club. He was involved as a player in the early days of our club and then went on to act as a trainer for many of our teams.

In particular he played a big role in the junior division titles successes of the late 70's and 80's. He also was a great presence and help to the juvenile club

Be it training teams, providing lifts and selling lotto tickets. To this day he still does Trojan work to keep the finances of the juvenile club going.

He also was the man that stared the cork gaa clubs draw in the senior club. To say he is qualified to take up the role of president would be an understatement.

John spoke at the meeting and said it was a great honour for him to take over from the late Joe Walsh. He also remarked that he would hold this position

For a fixed term period and said they were many great Clyda men that deserved the honour as president. He now holds the distinction of being both president

Of the Juvenile and Senior Club. Club Chairman Jeremiah Ronayne addressed the large meeting and said it is fitting that Clyda has John as president and to large applause

Wished him good health and happiness.

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